Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence applications are the steering console of your enterprise. They are designed to provide your decision makers key business data to help them navigate the business in the right direction. As a growing company looking to go places, this is critical.
But, that doesn’t mean building more bells and whistles than necessary.


Complete Application Solutions

Your data warehouse is in place but you don’t know how to exploit your Data? Thoransoft can build complete custom Web applications to help you retrieve all relevant information from your data to meet your needs.

From building dashboards, and report generators, we have the state-of-the-art BI expertise to ensure your organizational decision makers have everything they need to make the right business decisions.

By combining 10+ years of BI development expertise with our proprietary BI frameworks and the latest SQL Server technologies, we can ensure a cost-efficient, scalable and optimized software solution every time.

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Thoransoft is a one-stop shop for custom BI solutions.

Whether you need a complete solution built from scratch or simply add a new feature to an existing application, Thoransoft is one of the few one-stop shops that can offer you both under the same roof.

Enhanced BI Solution

Need an enhancement to an existing BI application? Can’t afford any downtime because your employees and clients rely on them for their daily activities? Thoransoft can build custom enhancements and ensure your mission-critical apps keep you running.

Without ever disrupting your day-to-day activities, Thoransoft can build and seamlessly integrate enhancements such as database optimization, real-time data sync or critical data re-mapping. Describe expertise or anecdotal experience?

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