Our clients need the best and Thoransoft employs best practice standards that are guided by the following principles:


  • Our interfaces are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly
  • Our applications aim to have short learning curves
  • We strive to define a standardized process for all users

A Human approach

  • Our clients are always kept in the loop with weekly updates
  • We guide our clients at every step of the way
  • We emphasize continuous exchange of ideas

Client Rules

  • Our clients add their feedback at every step of the process
  • We build for today’s needs, but our applications are scalable for tomorrow’s growth
  • We design fully customizable features to meet client’s specific needs


  • We build robust, solid applications
  • We ensure seamless integration with existing IT infrastructures
  • We guarantee minimal down time during integration and normal operations

Latest technologies

  • ASP.NET Framework
  • C# / Web 2.0
  • SQL Server

Our process

Your needs

Gather Info

Prior to the initial meeting, we gather information on the client business.


An initial meeting is scheduled so that the client can detail their needs..


We identify the best solutions and present them to you.


We ensure the Return on investment is viable.


When the client agrees to our solution, we begin.



First, we deliver an analysis report, including tasks, timeline and costs.


We develop a solution, making sure every milestone is met along the way.


We implement the solution after rigorous testing.


We’re always available to answer any questions and resolve any problems.


We carry out a mandatory follow-up.

Thoransoft is your one-stop shop for custom web solutions.

Whether you need a complete solution built from scratch or simply add a new feature to an existing application, Thoransoft is one of the few one-stop shops that can offer you both under the same roof.