Web Applications

Web applications are a must for all businesses. Since web applications are connected to clients or employees, it is essentially integrated in daily operations of any enterprise. These days web applications are built to satisfy all requirements needed for a business to stay with technologial times.

These are not simple websites, but powerful tools connected to the web, needed by all businesses to stay ahead of competition and to satisy customer needs.

If this overview was not clear, contact us and we will gladly take time to explain and show you examples of web applications we have built.


Complete Application Solutions

Your business requires a new Web application? You’ve looked everywhere for an off-the-shelf solution without success? Thoransoft can build complete custom Web applications to meet any need.

Whether you require building a custom organizational intranets/extranets, an online reservation system, or any other web application, we have the expertise to meet your needs. While keeping business intelligence in mind, we deliver simple, yet powerful applications that are complemented by secure, user-friendly interfaces.

By combining 10+ years of web development expertise with our proprietary web frameworks and the latest .NET technologies, we can ensure an optimized and cost-efficient software solution with every deployment.

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Thoransoft is your one-stop shop for custom web solutions.

Whether you need a complete solution built from scratch or simply add a new feature to an existing application, Thoransoft is one of the few one-stop shops that can offer you both under the same roof.

Enhanced Application Solutions

Need an enhancement to an existing web application? Can’t afford any downtime because your employees and clients rely on them for their daily activities? Thoransoft can build custom enhancements and ensure your mission-critical apps keep you running.

In these cases, without ever disrupting your day-to-day business, we have the expertise to develop and seamlessly integrate enhancements such as adding new sales tracking modules or converting legacy systems to the latest technologies.

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